New Patient Process

By coming to our office, you are taking the first steps towards a better, healthier, more active life. We offer our patients individualized treatment plan to help them get well and stay well. We can answer all the questions you have so you feel comfortable about the treatment process. We would also be happy to contact your insurance company to discuss coverage.

Our Mission

To serve our patients in a courteous professional and kind manner. To let our patients know they are valued and to develop long term relationships with them. To offer state of the art care with minimum discomfort. To provide regular preventive care in our office so our patients can enjoy a lifetime of wellness.

Fill Out Paperwork

The first step after making an appointment is to fill out some forms describing yourself, health history and health goals. To make your appointment go by quickly please make sure you fill out your forms beforehand. You can do this online.

Meet with the Doctor

You will meet with the doctor to review your paperwork and your health goals. If you’re a good candidate an examination will follow. Depending on the reason why you’ve come to us we may require x-rays to see if there are any internal injuries.

Also, at this time we can review your insurance to see what your coverage is.



During the examination we are looking for where you strengths and weaknesses are in your body. We will study how well you turn, bend, and your reflexes.

Report of Findings

After all the tests are done and we have received your x-rays, if applicable, we will review the results. We will schedule a meeting to go over the results with you, discuss whether we can help, and what our initial treatment plan recommendation is.

It is also at this time, if we feel that you wouldn’t benefit from our treatments we will make the proper referral to a specialist. Our desire is for you to get the best treatment for your condition.

At this time we will also discuss what your insurance plan will cover. If you decide to move forward with your treatment plan then you can schedule your next appointment with the front desk on your way out.





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